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St. Albert Calgary


January 30, 2018

Public talk: The Gut Microbiome

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Did you know that these seemingly lowly creatures in your gut could help regulate: Weight Blood pressure Healthy immune resonse Diabetes Metabolic syndrome Gastro-intestional problems Anxiety and depression Insomnia Memory problems and more Join Dr. Karen Jensen for this lecture where she will discuss ways to keep these important areas of the body healthy and […]

January 16, 2018

Your Kids Plate

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  Is your kid a picky eater? Are you struggling for nourishing, inspirational ideas? Not wanting to prepare multiple meals to please everyone at the table? This is delivered by a mama for mamas.  Come and test some products, gain some recipes and walk away with a tip jar full of ideas to try in […]

January 9, 2018

The Power of Numbers

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January 2018 will bring in the powerful, transformative energy of Master Number 11. Join us to find out how this will affect you on a personal level and how it is likely to affect all of us on a global level.     What is the true significance of numbers?       How will […]


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